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Why I like to fashion photography

Fashion photographer Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

Photography is a way for me to describe a story, message, feeling or experience. It is an art form in which design and technology come together. The same goes for fashion. For me, a fashion shoot is all about merging these two art forms to create awesome fashion photos. It’s a close and careful collaboration between fashion designer, model, make-up artist and myself as a fashion photographer. I love creating something together that is wonderful to look at and at the same time describing a story, message, feeling or experience. Fashion photos that are unique and make a statement.

How I work

Most importantly, I don’t work alone as a fashion photographer. I always work in a team. Communication and the willingness to understand each other are, in my perspective, key to achieve an excellent result. This applies during the shoot, but also during to the post-processing of the photos. I prefer to do the post-processing (in part) together with the fashion designer, model, make-up artist or stylist. This enables me to understand even better what their perspectives, wishes and expectations are and eventually work towards an even better end result. And of course we always agree on how and which photos will be published upfront.

Location of the shoot

A fashion shoots can be done almost everywhere. On the catwalk of course although this is more of a registration of an event for me. It can be done outside in the city or park, an abandoned factory site or in my photo studio in The Hague. Every location has its charm and challenges. The art is to bring the charm and challenges together of the location, fashion and the statement we want to make. A good preparation is of course very important. But that does change the fact that some shoots will evolve in a way we had not foreseen. For instance, the weather can be a last minute factor that influences the course of the shoot.

Black and White, BNW Photography

For certain designs black and white photos (BNW photos)can work out excellent. Black and white photography might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to fashion. But for some particularly aspects of a design it be just the thing needed to really make the entire design stand out. The trick is to know when bnw works for a design and when it doesn't.

Photo app for your portfolio

I am proud of my work and I also like to show my work. Not just on this website or social media but also at exhibitions, fairs and competitions. If you allow me to use the fashion photos for promotional and marketing purposes, you will receive your own personal Forever Images Photo App (FIApp) as a favor in return. Ideal to show your clients your most beautiful portfolio photos in a professional manner.

The appreciation of others

As a fashion photographer I like to ask for feedback. During the shoot and post-processing and when I have delivered the final result. It is important for me to know how the images complement and correspond with what the fashion designer, model, makeup artist or stylist had in mind. And of course how they experienced the shoot and collaboration. I learn from feedback and find it important to continue to develop. It is also valuable for me to receive reviews, recommendations and reactions to use on this website and social media. This allows others to get a good impression of who I am, what it is like to work with me and how my photos are appreciated.


Are you a fashion designer, model, make-up artist, MUA, MUAH or stylist? Would you like to do a shoot on TFP basis (Time for Print / Time for Portfolio)? Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the possibilities. And if you want to show some of your work, I’d love that!

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