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Fashion Photographer Amsterdam

Fashion photography by Forever Images

Fashion photographer Michiel Borgart Forever Images Amsterdam.

Fashion Photography is, in my eyes, similar to fashion design in the sense that both are an art form where design and technology merge. A fashion shoot is all about creating awesome fashion photos. Working together with fashion designers, models, make-up artists in and around Amsterdam. Producing an end result that is beautiful and at the same time tells the story. Fashion photos that are gorgeous and stand out. That are both captivating and appealing.

Fashion photography in Amsterdam

There a lots of places we can do a fashion shoot. But the fashion capital of The Netherlands is of course Amsterdam. Amsterdam will always be the primary location for fashion photography. It offers the highest employment figures within the fashion industry in the Netherlands. Fashion photography in Amsterdam is special. Amsterdam has a special fashion history and you can experience that throughout the city. There is a lot going on about fashion. Throughout the entire cultural sector. From museums to theatres, from restaurants to hotels. Everywhere you can find exhibitions of clothing or fashion photos. This is hugely inspiring. And when I have a fashion shoot somewhere in Amsterdam, I just sense through the atmosphere and reactions of bystanders that it is different from other locations in the Netherlands. I really love it and enjoy it! It has the highest density of fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists and models within The Netherlands. The most fashion shows and schools. And really awesome locations for a photo shoot. In the city, the canals, old buildings and industrial sites. From romantic or modern to urbex.

How I work

First of all, it's teamwork. Working close together. Understanding each other is vital to success. In the run-up to and during the shoot, but also in the post-processing phase. It's good to look at the post-processing together. This helps us to understand each other and shortens the time we need to get the finished outcome. Fashion can be fast, especially in Amsterdam! Here you can read more about my fashion photography in general.

Presentation of your portfolio

Our portfolio is crucial. It's important to be able to show your work as a professional. That goes for you and me the same. If I can use the fashion photos we created for promotional and marketing purposes, I'll give you your own Forever Images Photo App (FIApp) as a favor in return. Ideal to show your clients your portfolio photos your most proud of in a professional manner.


Many people shared their thoughts about me and my work. This could be inspiring as well to read.


A couple of times a year I like to do a shoot on TFP basis (Time for Print / Time for Portfolio) in Amsterdam? If you are looking for a fashion photographer for one of your projects in Amsterdam? Please feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to look at the possibilities.

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