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Portrait photographer Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

Hello, welcome, how nice of you to take the time to read a bit more about me as a portrait photographer in The Hague.

Why I love to portray people

For me, people, with their eyes, face, body, personality, attitude, emotion and expression, are one of the most diverse and fascinating subjects to photograph. I love taking the time and, together with the person who I’m photographing, search for those few stunning portrait photos. To capture that which seems elusive and cannot be put into words. Whether it is a powerful business, warm personal or fabulous glamour photo, every shoot is a unique quest that can only together lead to a great result. The interaction during the shoot is one of the most important aspects. To get to know each other within short period of time and understand what we are looking for. Creating something together that only existed in our thoughts, is something I think is very beautiful.

How I work

To create the end result we are looking for, it is necessary that I understand what you want and that I can explain how we can achieve that. We always start a shoot with an introduction. I think it's important to know who you are and that you have an idea of who I am. After this you can tell me in your own words when the shoot and the end result are a success for you. Questions such as what you are going to use the photos for, what you feel comfortable with and which side of your personality you want to show with the photos can help with this. It is also good to know what you do not like or want. Together we choose a background, whether we are in the studio or elsewhere, and we start searching for your photos by varying the light and position but above all with your attitude, appearance and facial expression. You can find an overview of my photos in my photo gallery.

The location

I prefer to do a portrait shoot in my photo studio in The Hague. Here I have optimum control over the lighting conditions and we also have some practical things at our disposal such as an ironing board, dressing room, toilet and bathroom. And of course it is dry and warm and there’s also something to eat and drink. These things make a long shoot much more comfortable which is reflected in the end result. But I also like to shoot in a location that is special to you or is just beautiful. On many locations it is possibility to bring my mobile photo studio. This enables us to combine the technical capabilities of the studio with the characteristic features of the location. This requires extra time and effort, but it can definitely be worth it.

Black and White, B&W Photography

Sometimes the best version of portraits will be the black and white photos (B&W photos). Black and white photography is a great way to reveal subtle aspects of a portrait. In my opinion it is a very pure form of photography that can result in fascinating photos.

How others appreciate my work

I like asking for feedback during and after the shoot and when I have delivered the final result. It is important for me to know if the result is as desired and how people experienced the shoot and collaboration. I learn from every feedback and I think it is important to keep learning. It is also valuable for me to get your reviews or recommendation to use on this website. This allows others to get a good impression of what it is like to work with me and do a shoot. Me as a portrait photographer, fashion photographer and as a wedding photographer.


Are you an experienced or starting model, fashion designer, makeup artist, MUA, MUAH or stylist? And are you interested in doing a photo shoot based on TFP (Time for Print / Time for Portfolio), I would like to hear from you. Please share you thoughts with me.

Curious or enthusiastic?

Please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

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