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Low Key Photography

What is low key photography?

Low Key photography by Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

Basically, a low key photo is an overall dark photo with some parts highlighted. They are also called film noir photos. They are high contrast photos. The dark parts can be black, other dark tones or shadows. Low key photography is often combined with black and white photography. But al low key photo can perfectly by a color photo.

Why low key photography?

Because of the dark and highlight, the high contrast in the low key photo, the image really emphasizes the highlighted aspects, creating a dramatic and sometimes even mysterious impression. If executed well, the stunning contrasts in the low key photo strongly guides the viewer to the details or story which need to be conveyed. Low key photography gives an extra dimension to depth, emotion and feeling. Low key photography is an art form in itself within photography. It’s an art of balancing between dark and light and capturing complexity with simplicity. This is the case with both black and white low key photos and color low key photos.


Because low key photos can bring a certain essence to life in their own way, they often have a timeless character. Again, when executed right, more often than with regular black and white or color photos, they can have the effect of being seen for the first time each time you lay your eyes on them. Is a special way, they can be both dramatic and refreshing at the same time.

Low key black and white photos

What I really love, are low key B&W photos. Besides having less light in them, they also lack color. This emphasizes the essence of the low key photo even more.

Portrait photography

The atmosphere created by low key photography offer great possibilities for portrait photos. It offers the opportunity to focus the viewer's attention more on, for example, the emotion or expression of a model and can really alter the expression of the portrait photo. It can make the person in the photo appear more powerful or more vulnerable. A model in a low key photo can be extremely well isolated from its environment and strongly draw the attention from the viewer.

Bridal photography

Low key photos can be a highly appreciated enhancement to wedding photos. Admitting that this will not be a standard or main stream form of photography within a bridal setting, a few low key photos can add that special mysterious refreshment in your album or even be that astounding large print on your wall.


Low key photos can result in the most amazing large prints for your wall. They can subtly complement a space without screaming for attention whilst at the same time be forever inspiring. They can simultaneously bring peace and make an awesome statement. My advice is not to cut back on a print. The quality of the print definitely adds a to the essence of the photo.

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