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Photo Studio - Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

In the professional photo studio in The Hague, we can create the photos that we have in mind in an optimally controlled manner. We have different backgrounds, lighting equipment and many attributes at our disposal. Basically, a photo studio is very straightforward. But I can use it to influence the end result in an infinite number of ways. The searching for right setup is different every time and the result can sometimes be very surprising.

Why use a photo studio

In the photo studio I have a high degree of control over what the images will look like. For example, I eliminate the effects of the weather and we can take our time to find the images we are looking for. In addition, there are a number of practical aspects to the studio that make the shoot easier and more comfortable. For example, we have a toilet available (some shoots may take a few hours), mirrors, tables with chairs (nice for applying makeup for example) and often very practical: an ironing board. Of course we can also arrange that these items are available on some locations. But by doing so we quickly increase the logistical challenges of the shoot. My photo studio is located in The Hague. Perfectly accessibility by car and public transport. Parking right in front of the building which makes it is easy to bring your things along (such as clothes and makeup).

What does a studio shoot look like

A photo shoot in the studio aims to deliver the images that we have in mind. Some shoots are hard work. But it is always the intention to have a good time. I’m convinced that the quality of the end result is significantly better when the shoot is relaxed and everybody is at ease. Not just, for example, because your smile will be completely different, but mainly because the success of the shoot strongly depends on how we communicate and inspire each other.

It is important that we take time for each other. We always start with a cup of tea or coffee. You have just made your journey over to my studio and it could be the case that this is your first photo shoot in a professional studio. We walk through the shoot. What photos are we looking for? In which order, for example, are we going to use makeup, clothing and studio setup? Are there things that need our special attention? How much experience do you have? Is there a MUA, MUAH, make-up artist or stylist present? How much time do we want to take for each part of the shoot? And just as important, in what way do we want to give each other feedback during the shoot?

After this we slowly start with the photo shoot itself. We start with a basic setup and poses and often reflect on the result on the way. Step by step we buildup the shoot and move more towards what we are looking for and adjust our goal if needed. By continuous interaction we’ll stay on the same track and by continuously giving each other feedback we will achieve an excellent end result that often exceeds the expectations.

After the shoot we can go through the photos on the computer. We’ll make a the selection and exchange ideas about the post-processing. Which cut-outs are really striking, which photos are perfect for black and white and many more options.

Most shoots have a strict timeframe. We keep a close eye on the timelines to ensure that we capture the images we are looking for. We also take this into account if we want to go through the photos on the computer. But there is always room for a break, to eat or drink something or to find new inspiration if needed.

Black and White, B&W Photography

In the photo studio we can create beautiful black and white photos (B&W photos)can work out excellent. Black and white photography is a special kind of photography that offers great possibilities. In my opinion it is the ultimate form of photography. The lighting possibilities of the studio enhance the special properties of black and white photos. The results can be extraordinary.

Low Key Photography

And check out my low key photos. A low key photo, also called a film noir photo, is an overall dark photo with some parts highlighted. They are high contrast photos. The dark parts can be black, other dark tones or shadows. Low key photography is often combined with black and white photography. But al low key photo can perfectly by a color photo. Low key photography is an art form in itself within photography. It’s an art of balancing between dark and light and capturing complexity with simplicity.

Beautiful images

The end result of a studio shoot is stunningly beautiful, razor-sharp images that we created together with the utmost care and attention to detail. Photos that you can enjoy for a life time. Photos which are perfect for your portfolio, an amazing print on the wall or as content for your website which will enable you to clearly distinguish yourself from others.

Share your thoughts

Are you inspired or curious? Please let me know. If you are a fashion designer, model, MUA, MUAH, make-up artist or stylist and you have a creative or original idea, then I’m willing to consider doing a studio shoot with you as a portrait photographer or fashion photographer on TFP (Time for Print / Time for Portfolio) basis.

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