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About me - Michiel Borgart photographer Forever Images.

Hello, how nice of you to take the time to get to know me a little better. My name is Michiel Borgart, married to the most beautiful lady in the world and I live in The Hague. One of my passions is photography and I started doing this professionally in 2015 with Forever Images. This was an exciting step for me but I am happy I followed my heart. Besides being a photographer and husband, I am first and foremost a Christian. It is my heart's desire to follow Jesus and become more and more like him. I dedicate my life and therefore Forever Images to God every day. I enjoy reading my Bible and I think this part of Psalm 25 (verses 4 and 5) beautifully describes my heart's desire and reflections: "Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long." [NIV]. For this reason I test every request and commission to see if I can reconcile it with my interpretation of His way and truth. In advance, during the shoot, post-processing and delivery.

Why photography

I get a sense of satisfaction when I have managed to describe what I had in mind using photography. This feeling is reinforced by the feedback I receive from people I photograph or for whom I take the photos. I love it when people enjoy something I created. It makes me happy when people send me a picture of how a print of an image I made hangs in their living room, for example, or of someone who unpacks a print as a gift. I makes me both humble and proud.

How I work

It is important for me to take my time during a shoot. This is of course not always easy, such as for instance during a wedding shoot. Which brings me to my second success factor, a good preparation. During the preparation and shoot itself I like to take the time to find the right atmosphere and character to capture in the images. After the shoot I offer the possibility to do the photo selection together and to go through some aspects of the post-processing. If this isn’t possible, that's fine, but I think it's good that my customers know they have that option. The great thing about doing this together is that we can give each other even more feedback and enables me to understand even better what someone is looking for.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I do this by giving workshops. With these workshops I help people to gain a broader understanding of photography and to get to know their camera better with all its possibilities. When put this into practice during the workshop, it give me a great feeling to see how they use a more creative perspective towards what they want to photograph and how can give more character to their images. I love it if, after a long time after a workshop, I receive a message from a participant stating how great and valuable the workshop was and how sustainable the knowledge gained is.

What I love to shoot

There are so many beautiful things to photograph. I love to shoot a variety of subjects. But my favorite is people. That’s why I choose to be a professional portrait photographer, fashion photographer and wedding photographer. The context in which I photograph people varies. It can be big moment in someone's life such as a wedding, pregnancy, birth or fashion show. Or, for example, a son or daughter who leaves home and comes with the parents for a portrait shoot. But also more practical reasons such as a business profile photo for LinkedIn. You can find an overview of my photos in my photo gallery.

Black and White, B&W Photography

I love to create black and white photos (B&W photos). Black and white photography is a special kind of photography with remarkable possibilities. In my opinion, it is the cream of the crop when it comes to photography.


I enjoy making my photos in my photo studio in The Hague. It gives me a great deal of control and allows me to take my time to search for the images I have in mind. But I also love photographing outdoors or at a location with specific characteristics or that is special to someone. There is often the possibility to bring my mobile photo studio to a location. This enables me to combine the characteristic features of the location with the technical capabilities of the studio. This of course requires extra time and effort, but it can definitely be worth it.


As with many great achievements, many of the most beautiful photos are the result of an intensive collaboration. When people are the subject of the shoot, a model, fashion designer, makeup artist, MUA, MUAH or stylist is regularly involved. It is very enriching for me to work with other professionals. We learn from each other but more importantly, they inspire me enormously. Authentic passion is very contagious for me. That’s why I love to do a shoot on TFP (Time for Print / Time for Portfolio) basis a few times a year. To create stunning photos together but also to get to know other professionals. If you are an experienced or starting fashion designer, model, makeup artist, MUA, MUAH or stylist, then please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you and would like to discuss whether we can do an amazing photo shoot together.

How others value my work

I always appreciate receiving feedback. It is important input for me to further develop myself. And it’s valuable to me to receive reviews, recommendations and reactions which I can use on this website and social media. These give others an impression of who I am, how I work and how my work is appreciated. I love it when I made people happy who have put their trust in me. With the shoot and with the end result. This makes me both humble and proud because a photo shoot can only be successful if there is a mutual trust and if we are open for each other’s ideas, whishes and feedback. This interdependence and openness makes us vulnerable and I think this is crucial for beautiful and unique images.

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