Poetry with light

"Poetry with light" is the subtitle or tagline associated with Forever Images. In my eyes this perfectly reflects what I have in mind with my children's photography. Artistic portrait photography by creating uniquely beautiful and elegant photos. Because my work is unique and obviously identifiable, I love to see it as art. My photos are more than purely the result of capturing and digitally storing of what we can see.

Children's Photos by Michiel Borgart

Children's Photos by Michiel Borgart - Forever Images

How nice of you to have taken the time to view my Children's Photos. Photographing children, like these photos, is beautiful. The prerequisite is that they have a good time during the shoot. On the one hand, more patience is needed, but at the same time it must also be possible to switch very quickly. I take plenty of time but I am also very sharp when it comes to capturing that one moment. Children are unpredictable and sometimes difficult to steer. The shoot will always have a more spontaneous and surprising character. A perfect reflection of how children themselves are. When a child feels comfortable, is having fun and exploring a bit on their own, they always turn out great on photos!

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To see all the photos on my website, please visit my photo gallery. Did you see any photos you really like? Do you see the added value of professional photography? Got some great ideas for a shoot? Have you become inspired by how beautiful and unique photos can make a difference to you? Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

My photo studio

Many of these photos were taken in my photo studio. It's located in The Hague. Easily reached by car (about 4 minutes from the A12 and A4) and parking right in front of the building. 6 minutes walk from central station.

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