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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is a good portrait photo?

A good portrait photo provides an authentic image of the person portrayed. The expression and atmosphere of the photo are well matched to what the portrait photo is intended for. Is it used on a business network site or does it appear as a large print above the dining table. The choice of whether a portrait photo is color or black and white can also be very decisive for the perception of the quality of the photo. Finally, of course, the technical aspects such as sharpness, exposure and composition determine the quality of the photo as well.

How do we choose our wedding photographer?

When choosing your wedding photographer, the most important thing is the click between you and the photographer. The photographer will be close to you all the time and for both the spontaneous and posed photos it is important that your contact is pleasant and you can easily let each other know what you want. Furthermore, it is of course important that the style of the photographer and his method suit your wishes. Make a list of photographers whose photos you like and select two or three favorite photographers from your list. Try to meet them and get to know them and then take your time to make your choice together.

How do I prepare for a glamour shoot?

Create a mood board. This helps you to think about which photos you want to get from a shoot. This also literally helps you communicate your vision of the shoot with the photographer and possibly other parties involved in the shoot. Think carefully about the style of the photos. Things that determine this are of course the clothing, but also the environment. Inside, outside, nature, the city,… Furthermore, accessories can have a major influence on the photos. Think about hats, gloves, sunglasses, jewelry, bags and much more. Keep your color scheme consistent and make sure that the overall picture is a good composition. Also consult with the photographer about how the post-processing is carried out. This finishing touch is often much more than a finishing touch.

What is important for a fashion shoot?

Fashion is central to a fashion shoot. This is a dynamic art form with many aspects. It's more than just clothes. It includes lifestyle, values and standards, sustainability, culture and current events. The trick is to design your fashion image well. You can use a mood board for this, which also makes it easier to talk to others about your vision. Once you have your vision of the fashion shoot clear in mind, you can start working out how you will create this image with the photographer or team. Take your time and listen carefully to the others involved.

How do I successfully build my portfolio with professional photos?

As a model, designer, make-up artist or stylist, the right photos are crucial to show your talent, product or service to the world. The photos you use for this can make a huge difference in what assignments you will get. Building your portfolio is therefore very important. See if you can build a good collaboration with several professional photographers. It is important to keep the long term in mind and to gather people around you with whom you can build a good cooperation. Clearly define your style, which distinguishes you from others. Consult with the photographer (and other parties involved, sometimes there is a team) how you want to see this reflected in the photos. But also make clear agreements about what will and will not be published, when and how. Your portfolio is not something static or even just your own.

How can I easily create better photos?

There are several ways to easily create better photos. There are many interesting videos on the internet that give you useful and simple tips. But it is of course much more fun to do a workshop with, for example, friends or colleagues. Learning the tricks together and helping and motivating each other during and afterwards to create better and better photos.