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Wedding photography is always special

Wedding photographer Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

My passion is to capture a story, feeling, emotion or experience with beautiful wedding photos. For me it's all about capturing one of the most beautiful days of your life, together with you. To catch the memories in a form that enables you to relive these special moments for the rest of your life. A great print to hang on your the wall, a beautiful wedding album or whatever you may like.

Wedding shoot

If you want, for example, we could only do your bridal shoot. This option could work very well for you if you know a friend or relative who you trust can capture the day itself very well, but you want to be sure that the wedding photos are of professional quality. This can, for example, give you the opportunity to do other things on your wedding day or honeymoon that would otherwise not have been possible.

Spending a day together

The photographer you choose will practically all day long be very close to you. In my view, this is an exceptional position that the photographer is awarded. Because of this I believe that it’s very important that there is a harmonious connection between you and me. I won’t be able to take the beautiful photos of you if this click is not present. It is about trusting each other and being able to find peacefulness together on a day that is often extremely busy and hectic and on which you also want to enjoy each other. After all, it's your day above all. That is why I would like to meet you personally at least once during the preparation, and preferably your master of ceremonies as well. I have attended many weddings, my own, as a guest and of course as a photographer. If you wish, I can also give you practical tips during the preparation that can make the day a little more enjoyable for you. This may sound strange or rational, but many practical and logistical matters come together during a wedding. A few practical tips can make a world of difference.

Black and White, B&W Photography

One of my specialties is black and white photography. Black and white photos (B&W photos)can be an essential completion of your wedding photos. They offer the possibility to capture the essence of special moments or experiences during a very busy day with many impressions. The subtle and poetic way of capturing simple details or complex combination of feelings often results in timeless photos that will never get boring or decline in beauty.

Low Key Photography

Check out some of my low key photos, also called film noir photos. I Admit that low key photography is not a standard or main stream form of photography within bridal photography. But if you can appreciate it, a few low key photos can add that special mysterious refreshment in your album or even be that astounding large print on your wall.

Your choice

It is of course entirely up to you to choose a photographer. My advice is to look at both the style of the images and the personal connection that you feel. I say this because I am convinced that this match is the key to capturing the wedding photos of your dreams. It is a very personal choice and I think it is good to take your time for this. Look at wedding photos together on the internet and discover which photos appeal to you. Check the website of a number of wedding photographers and make a shortlist of the photographers that you feel comfortable with. Choose a few moments in a week when you both have time and try to call them. A telephone call can confirm or dismiss your initial feeling of the photographer within a few seconds. Most wedding photographers also work in the evenings and on the weekends, so you may not get to them on your first attempt. Don't give them up, but try again later. It would be a shame if you would miss out of on your best match for this reason, right?

My first two tips

My first tip for you is to start selecting your wedding photographer on time. Some photographers have a full agenda, especially during the popular months, days and dates. The earlier you made your choice, the greater the chance that your favorite wedding photographer is still available on your wedding date. Furthermore, involving an experienced wedding photographer at an early stage of your preparations can be very useful by giving you inspiration, tips and ideas. My second tip is to do a couples shoot with your wedding photographer well in advance of your wedding (in the order of 8 to 16 weeks in advance). During the couples shoot you get to know each other even better than when you only do an interview. You can also see this shoot as a kind of rehearsal for your bridal shoot. This can relieve some of the tension and pressure and give you a good idea about which photos you like. And if this wouldn’t be enough, the couples shoot will give you some beautiful photos that you can use for the invitations. Perhaps the Bridal Prime Packagemight be an interesting option for you?

Good luck and have fun!

I wish you good luck on your special and exciting journey towards you wedding day and make sure you enjoy the trip as well! For me the preparation of our own wedding has been a beautiful and intimate journey. A journey in which we got to know each other better and gave each other personal and private gifts in the form of fulfilling each others whishes. Enjoy this special time until your beautiful day.

Would you like to meet me?

Than please let me know. I’d love to hear your wishes and ideas for your wedding day and explore the possibilities.

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