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Reviews and Recommendations

Graduation drink Nicolette:

"Whooooow Chiel! The photos are sooo amazing !! Thank you!! You have soooo managed to capture the moments I am really very grateful ❤ Really the most beautiful gift of all 😁"

Concert InSalvation Merel Smit, Marketing & Communication InSalvation:

"Thank you so much for your work. What an amazing photos! 1000x thanks !!!"

Fashion shoot Nathalie den Dekker:

"Haha yes absolutely! Very happy with it! Thank you !!"

Children's photos Jan Heijmans, director of public primary school Het Atelier Diemen:

"The photos are beautiful and I can use them well!"

Fashion shoot Leroy ter Haar:

"Hey Michiel the photos are great !!!!"

Couples shoot Aaron & Emmy Willebrands:

"Thanks for the wonderful shoot and fast response. Your passion is all over your work!"

Fashion shoot Mariangel Dolorita:

"I just received them and I am totally in love 😍😍😍"

Wedding shoot Jurgen & Shelley-Ann:

"MICHIEL, WAAAUUUW !! What a beautiful photos! We are sooo happy with the photos !!!"

Fashion shoot dresses by David Cardenas, model Mariana Pietersz:

"One of the best photographers that I've worked with till now!! Besides, being professional, patient and a nice person his foto's are simply amazing. Definitely recommended!!!"

Portrait shoot Noah & Rosanne:

"The photos are fantastic !! I am very pleased with the style of the photos and I find them very impressive. I hope you realize how talented you are and hope that you'll have many opportunities to use this talent."

Portrait shoots HiQ Mensa Magazine #17, spring 2018 (Robert Nijboer, chief editor):

"Very satisfied. Especially about the two black and white shots, very stylishly done, very happy with it! Nice to be able to send someone with a briefing and to know that everything will be fine! Hope we will often work together."

Fashion shoot Judith de Wilde de Ligny - Miss Eco Netherlands 2018, supported by Vicky Zimmerman, Vicky Foundation:

"Michiel was a wonderful host. He took his time during the shoot and was very professional. We had a shoot for an upcoming Miss, was super. Recommended! Thanks a lot for the beautiful images."

Portrait shoot Mirjam Bach of Kleurkeuze:

"Michiel managed to put me at ease, that made the photos beautiful and very natural. Thanks for this!"

Newborn shoot with children Rozelinde & Kylian:

"A very pleasant, professional and creative photographer. His love for the profession is amazing and is all over his work. Absolutely recommended!"

Wedding shoot Kevin & Leonie:

"Thanks a lot for the great pictures! We are going to select a couple to print out and hang in our house, they are amazing !!!!"

Portrait shoot Marlies:

"Hee Michiel, I now have 4 beautifully framed pictures ... today had a handyman came by and he is going to hang the pictures for me. Photos are different sizes so we’ll just have to play with the space. Nothing but compliments for the photographer."

50-year wedding anniversary parents of Rob:

"I want to thank you very much for your contribution to the successful 50-year wedding anniversary of my parents. We are happy with our choice to ask you as the photographer and have received many positive responses about your presence."

Glamour shoot Jorgina & Jessica:

"Love it!"

Company party, comment of Kamal:

"What an awesome photos! Especially of course the one with me standing with a big cigar hahaha!"

Maternity shoot Simone:

"Thank you for sending the photos so quickly and WoW, how beautifully they are. We are very happy with them!"

Business profile photos and couples shoot Bas & Nicolle:

"Friendly, comfortable, skilled photographer. Makes perfect photos that can be used for both business and private purposes."

Wedding shoot Clarence & Sabrina:

"We were very happy to have met Michiel in advance, because we felt very comfortable with Michiel on our wedding day itself. During our wedding he was not noticeably present at the important moments but still managed to beautifully capture the special moments and emotions. We want to thank you very much for the beautiful pictures."

Business profile photos and family shoot Soheel, Zari & Eliza:

"I went to Michiel's photo studio with my family for business and family photos and I really enjoyed it. He took all the time for us and the result was beautiful! Michiel also photographed our daughter once on her birthday which also went very well. We have beautiful pictures that we are proud of!"

Business profile photos Roderik:

"For my company I was looking for a number of photos for professional use. I asked Michiel to help me out. I didn't like it when someone took pictures of me and that clearly visible on the photos of me taken in the past. Thanks to Michiel, this is now a thing of the past and I have received a number of excellent photos. Partly thanks to the good instructions during the photography process. I found that taking photos is more than just a click of a button. Michiel's guidance was key. The result is great."

Baby and children's photos Noah, Kayleigh-Sophie & Elias:

"Michiel is very spontaneous and patient, and has very good and creative ideas. We have already done a number of shoots with him, ranging from baby shoot to family portraits. We heartily recommend Forever Images !!

Portrait and couples shoot and baby photos Nathan, Simone & Joaquin:

"A very skilled photographer who takes all the time to take beautiful photos. He is friendly, creative and thinks along with the people being photographed.
Absolutely recommended."

Portrait and couples shoot Henk & Iris:

"I can heartily recommend Michiel Borgart as a professional photographer and owner of "Forever Images". Michiel has a special view of people and their appearance. He can illuminate and highlight the character of a person in such a way that their personality is expressed beautifully. He uses great cameras with all kinds of lenses, studio flashes, background cloths, etc. When editing the photos, Michiel takes into account the golden ratio, among other things, so that he can make the photos even more dynamic and interesting. He has a excellent feeling for composition (take that from this professional visual artist) and he takes into account the wishes of his clients and the purpose for which the photos will be used. I am very pleasantly surprised with the beautiful images he made of me and of my husband! I wish Michiel every success, Iris Creutzburg."

Portrait shoot Frank:

"Thank you for this beautiful photo series. I am proud of it :) I thought it was a great day. Thanks!"

Portrait and children's shoot Kevin & Gianessa:

"Michiel is really a top photographer, with a great sense of detail and comes up with creative ideas. He knows how to make the right compositions and to apply many nice effects. Truly a first-class craftsman ...
Are you looking for a beautiful and tasteful photo shoot that really delivers the right ambiance and end result, then you are at the right place at Michiel Borgart, whether it's for a regular shoot, wedding, baby shoot, or just a beautiful portrait portfolio. He can do it all!"

Baby shoot Michael:

"Mia thinks the photos are beautiful (lots of cute, ah and ooh), thanks!"

Business profile photos Tim:

"Thank you for the photos they look great."

On this page you will find reviews, recommendations and reactions from people with whom I did a photo shoot. Shoots on location and in my photo studio in The Hague. For me as a portrait photographer, fashion photographer and wedding photographer. I hope these reviews and recommendations give you an impression of who I am, how I work and how my work is appreciated. And I hope you get excited about what you read here and that you want to share your thoughts with me. I would love to hear from you!

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