Poetry with light

Poetry with light

Poetry with Light - Michiel Borgart photographer Forever Images.

"Poetry with light" is the subtitle or tagline associated with Forever Images. It succinctly explains what Forever Images' services stand for. The tagline consists of two parts, "poetry" and "with light". Both have a fundamental meaning in the tagline, and together they perfectly capture what makes Forever Images unique.

What does "Poetry" mean?

Poetry is an literary art form. A poet uses the properties of language to portray or tell more than the sum of the words. A poem contains more than the literal meaning of the text. It contains a symbolism, story, feeling or suggestion that is artistically captured in a literary work, the artwork. It invites the reader or listener to interpret the poem. Traveling between the different layers of meaning and making the different dimensions of dynamics resonate.

What does "Light" mean?

Physically, light is also described as an electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range that is visible to the human eye. It allows us to see. It's what we photographers capture, nowadays with a digital sensor, and use to create a photo.

Why the tagline "Poetry with light"?

Forever Images offers photography as a service. In different forms, for different situations and moments. My style is consistent through my work and services and my style makes my photos clearly recognizable. It is the common thread through my work. For a while I was looking for how I could put my style into words. To make it clear in which way I see my work as unique. In addition to being a photographer, I am also a business analyst. As a business analyst I am used to dividing an apparently simple but in reality complex question into different aspects.

The first aspect is Photography. Photography can literally be translated as "writing with light". Just as a poet uses language to portray an idea, feeling or story, a photographer uses light. What I do with my photography is not just registering what can be seen. This brings me to the second aspect. I capture abstraction concepts in an artistic way. Abstraction things like feelings, ideas and stories. And I capture it all with light. For me, this is delightfully described with the expression "poetry with light".

Subtle and stylishly artistic

Artistic photography for me means creating uniquely beautiful and elegant photos. The uniqueness of my work and the fact that it’s clearly recognizable as my work, makes that I consider it to be art and not just a visual registration of something that is visible. This applies to my portrait photos, fashion photos and wedding photos. Within all these categories, I love the black and white photos the most. Feel free to look around in my portfolio and be inspired.

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