Poetry with light

"Poetry with light" is the subtitle or tagline associated with Forever Images. In my opinion it beautifully describes how I look at my work as a urbex photographer. Artistic urbex photography by creating uniquely beautiful and elegant photos. Because my work is unique and obviously identifiable, I love to see it as art. My photos are more than purely the result of capturing and digitally storing of what we can see.

Urbex Photos by Michiel Borgart

Urbex Photos by Michiel Borgart - Forever Images

How nice of you to have taken the time to view my Urbex Photos. The word Urbex is a combination of the English words urban and exploring. It simply means exploring urban area. This is often interpreted as dilapidated buildings that are out of use or places that are not publicly or easily accessible. These places are definitely super cool and produce really great photos. But shooting on these locations is not always easy or even safe. I use a slightly broader interpretation for my shoots than this: a consciously chosen urban or industrial location for the shoot. For me, this can also be a bridge, abandoned parking lot, industrial area or specific part of a city. For me it is important that the location is an explicit part of the photos and thus contributes to a special atmosphere, impressive contrast or unique dynamics.

Variety of photo

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To see all the photos on my website, please visit my photo gallery. Did you see any photos you really like? Do you see the added value of professional photography? Got some great ideas for a shoot? Have you become inspired by how beautiful and unique photos can make a difference to you? Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

My photo studio

All of these photos were obviously taken outside of my photo studio. But I do have a photo studio. It's located in The Hague. Easily reached by car (about 4 minutes from the A12 and A4) and parking right in front of the building. 6 minutes walk from central station.

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