Poetry with light

Low Key Photography

Why low key photography?

Black and White photography by Michiel Borgart Forever Images.

With a black and white, B&W photo, I can put more focus on the essence of the photo. The lines within the photo can be given a more powerful and active role with creating a different dynamic between, for example, the model and the environment. The interaction between the model and the light becomes more explicit, more strongly bringing out the mood of the photo. Subtle aspects of the model are also more prominent. The photo raises more and different questions. Questions such as "what is she thinking about?" or "what's happening?".


Because black and white photos can bring a certain essence to light in their own way, they often have a timeless character. More often than with color photos, you’ll never get bored by them and they can have the effect of being seen for the first time each time you lay your eyes on them. This is a very special experience that B&W photos van have that results from less is more.

Low-key black and white photos

What I love are low-key B&W photos. These are photos that are relatively dark. With this, even more emphasis can be placed on the essence because there are fewer aspects of the photo lit out. When the few aspects of the photo are very light, we speak of a high contrast B&W photo. The high contrast ensures that the few aspects the photo focuses on come out in a powerful way.

High-key black and white photos

The opposite of low key B&W is high key B&W. These are photos that are relatively light. Again, more emphasis can be placed on the essence of the photo. The principle is exactly the same as with low key, but then the essence is represented by the darker parts of the photo instead of the lighter parts. When the few aspects of the photo are very dark, we also speak of a high contrast B&W photo.

Portrait photography

The properties of black and white photography offer better possibilities to reveal an underlying layer of portrait photos. It offers me the opportunity to focus the viewer's attention more on, for example, the emotion or expression of a model than with color photos. It can make the person in the photo appear more powerful or more vulnerable. And this applies to many more characteristics.

Bridal photography

Black and white photos are a highly appreciated enhancement to wedding photos. A wedding is a busy day where a lot happens and is experienced. A B&W photo that isolates a single experience or moment can be incredibly powerful. It is even possible to capture a complex combination of feelings at one time that would otherwise be washed away by colors. The purity of B&W photos can be magical.


Black and white photos are ideal for large prints. They can subtly complement a space without screaming for attention or ever getting boring. They can bring peace and space to a room and everyone who sees the photo. My advice is not to cut back on a print. The quality of the print definitely adds a to the essence of the photo. As the photo is not disturbed by color, the photo will not be disturbed by an inferior quality of the print.

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